Wednesday 20th October 2021


John was discussing the Hollywood 3 part film structure and used Casablanca as an example;


Opening Scene “Round up the usual suspects”
Middle “I’m going to die in Casablanca”

END “we’ll always have Paris”

JOHN also mentioned Koyaanisqatsi as not having a 3-part structure

Kurt Vonnegut on “the shape of stories” 

Aristotle Poetics on the 7 dramatic structures;

Joseph Campbell – The Hero With 10000 Faces (a meta view of cultural
“myths” across all peoples) George Lucas based Star Wars on this book

Most European Art House Cinema challenges this structure. That is what makes it interesting…

Tzvetan Todorov is a Bukgarian who worked in Paris Tzvetan Todorov proposes a dialogical (transformative) structure
instead of the Hollywood linear structure…

Hitchcock, and Scorsese, are expert at visual exposition… Marty often with music

The script for Casablanca was being revised day by day, it wasn’t finished when they started and was constantly revised as they went along.
So Casablanca had no structure, just daily scripts…
So ere the visas a “McGuffin” as Hitchcock calls it?


Sophia Loren’s latest film made last year sounds like a remake of A Special Day mentioned by Christopher. It is called The Life Ahead and is directed by her son, which is why she made it…

Dunkirk by Christopher Nolan 3 time structures A Week (Land) A Day (Sea) An Hour (Air)

MIRROR by Tarkovsky mentioned by Carole

Which reminded Fred of Russian Ark – a one shot film around the Hermitage and all of Russian history

WE Mentioned The Beguiled with Clint Eastwood (by Don Siegal – who worked on Casablanca) AND Sofia Coppola (2017)

Fred mentioned Until The End of The World filmed on 7 continents

AND La Cecilia filmed by Jean-Luc Comolli to NOT have a resolution, and so for the audience to debate what they think the end of the film meant (whole film free on YouTube!

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